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                About Us
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                Henglan Town,Zhongshan city,Guangdong Province Changan North Road No.161
                Company Profile
                  >  About Us  >  Company Profile
                Portland pole Lighting Factory is a research and development, production and sales of professional LED lighting industry enterprises. Over the years, through the tireless efforts of corporate R & D, manufacturing efficiency, energy saving, environmentally friendly LED products have been selling domestic major provinces and cities, as well as the Middle East, South Korea, Russia and other important international trade areas. The company gradually expand the scale, in order to establish the image of a model project for the strategic direction, in more than 30 domestic cities and regions within provinces (except Qinghai and Tibet) are set too many image projects.

                Our current products are: the production of a: LED guardrail tube, LED spot light, LED flood light, LED wall washer, LED buried lights, LED underwater lights, LED lamp head, LED tunnel lights, LED ceiling light, LED lights Cup, LED wall lamp, LED track lighting, LED reading lamp, LED bulb, LED bean pot Grille, LED corn light, LED lamp, LED meteor light, LED LEI ??tube, LED light bar and other hard and soft. Production two: hardware department, homegrown supporting hardware products, and LED light Chinese knot lamps, LED lanterns, LED lamp plastic arts. Three production: tree lights and decorative lights Workshop: LED landscape tree lights, LED rainbow tube, LED fiber optic, LED star lights.

                Innovation is the driving force for development, quality and stability is our mission and responsibility. LED application has a broad development prospects and unlimited space, in this new field, and because the development of the market, the majority of the needs and your support, we have joint development, innovation, research and development of green, environmental protection, new energy efficient products to serve the needs and development of the market, for a better tomorrow, and struggle.

                Every day we receive more than just a customer order, more of a trust.